Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fall 2011: Charlotte Ronson and Jill Stuart

Sorry! It's been over a week since posting something, and I'm getting very late with my reviews. On top of that, February break is over, and my school has started once again, making me very busy. Knowing that I have to blog about the Oscars, and that I have absolutely zero followers, I may not have enough time to do everything I want to do. There are just so many brands to cover and since this is my first time actually keeping track of all this, I have no idea when all the Fashion Weeks start and end. I know for sure that Milan Fashion Week just ended and Paris Fashion Week just began and after that LA Fashion Week will start, but other than that I am completely in the dark. Any help with this would be much appreciated, just email me at 0divinestyle0@gmail.com. But I promise that next time I will be a LOT more organized with this. Again, a million apologies on my part.

Charlotte Ronson
I'm pleased to say that Charlotte Ronson has found a happy balance between a sexy and tough but feminine look and a grunge look. She certainly stuck to her goal: "Feminine, but not too feminine."

This floral top with high leather boots is an example of the "Feminine but not too feminine" look. The floral pattern is a soft design which contrasts nicely with the tough leather boots.

This one is my favorite!!
Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011

Jill Stuart
I can honestly say that this collection was unlike anything I've ever seen before. Other collections have a certain style that it grasps: sexy, boho-chic, feminine, grunge. But Jill Stuart took one style to a new level: animals.
Ok, ok, so maybe I was a little over-dramatic. Her entire collection wasn't based on animals. But I didn't have least favorites, which was good.

I have just one problem with this collection. In order to capture the spirit of animals, Jill Stuart has used fur on her designs. The only question is, is the fur faux or not? If it is real fur, than I will go from loving this collection to hating it, being the animal lover that I am. It would also be pretty hypocritical to portray the animals so beautifully on one model and then have her next model walk out in the dead, slaughtered skins of these very beings.
All photos are from Style.com

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