Friday, February 18, 2011

Fall 2011: Z Spoke by Zac Posen and Alexander Wang

Z Spoke by Zac Posen
I wasn't completely crazy for the makeup in this line. It was too goth compared to the clothes. That negative comment aside, I'll get to all the awesome parts of this line.

I love the draping on this top. I have one just like it in lavender!
This is a dark, sexy color and the design is beautiful.
I love this bright color, but the model is covering the dress with her arm! The dress is slipping off, it doesn't even fit her properly….
I love the cardigan on this one. As for the pose, I can't say the same. *sigh*

Least Favorites:
This one is the only one I didn't like of the entire collection. It's just way too baggy, that's my only problem.
Z Spoke by Zac Posen Fall 2011

Alexander Wang
I loved the leather, tough-girl look Wang injected into this collection. He loves his hybrids, as in, he can take a parka and combine it with a sweater that flows down into a dress. In this collection he wanted to "poke fun at luxury" and take everything you think of when you think "outerwear" and combine it into one. He certainly did just that.
Don't you just love the color of those jeans? I only have boring blue jeans so any other colors tend to excite me…

The clothes in the top and bottom pictures are beautiful silk tendrils that flap around when the models walk.

A perfect example of a sweater/poncho/dress.
It's like the texture of a coat, on a shoe. These are a really interesting pair of shoes.
Alex Wang had a lot of these flaps on his shoes. I like to think of it as a little cape for the shoe! It's so cute. This exact shoe is also in red and silver. There are also other shoes with huge pom-poms on them and the same flap in red, black and silver as well. I'm not putting up pictures in fear of boring you with too many details, because I still have to do my least favorites! (don't worry it's only one this time.)
Least Favorite:
This reminds me of a little girl playing dress-up in her daddy's work clothes. It doesn't go with the theme of the collection and it doesn't achieve Alex's goal in it. It's also very unflattering. But the shoes are the black pom-pom ones I was talking about before. You can't see the flap from this angle.
Alexander Wang Fall 2011
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

53rd Annual Grammys

Wow! What a night! And although I am 3 days late in writing this, I still have a LOT to talk about.
One trend I noticed among those beautiful, talented ladies are that they were all rocking a sparkly look. Even the Muppets and long silver sparkling dresses when they were on stage with Cee-Lo. Speaking of, his entire performance Sunday night was.... very different (not in a bad way!), including his choice of attire.

This picture is from Access Hollywood . Cee-Lo took that stage confidently, even in this huge muscly-bird suit. He wore it well, normally someone would be so shy about wearing something so exotic, but not him. I love how he rocked this costume.
Unfortunately, I didn't love everyone's costumes at the Grammys. Although I'm a complete Parawhore, Hayley Williams' look made me cringe, to be perfectly honest.

This picture is from Google Images . Even though I love the color combo hot pink and black, The bright red hair and red lipstick did not tie in with this look at all. I admire Hayley's quirky and fun style, but the bright pink tutu was a little too 6-year-old for me. Also, the design of the top of the dress makes her look completely flat-chested, which just adds to the 6-year-old element of the whole thing. On the upside, the black leggings with the cross was a sexy touch, as were the black pumps.
The House That Built Me. An amazing song that goes perfectly with Miranda Lambert's amazing style.
Again, this picture is from Google Images. What can I say about this dress? I love everything about it! It suited her very well, and it was perfect for the song she was singing. I loved the shoes she was wearing this day too, but I couldn't find a picture that included them... Oh well. They were really pretty silver high heels.

After Christina Aguilera's now infamous mistake while singing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Superbowl, she rocked the Grammys with the opening performance. Still going with the sparkly trend, she wore a beautiful black and silver dress. The picture is from Latina .

Rihanna looked amazing in this black floral dress fresh off the runway. It is from Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Couture collection. And of course, it perfectly matched the song she was performing: "Love The Way You Lie". The picture is from Fashion Is On .
And of course, as long as we're talking about fashion and celebrities, I would be just plain stupid if I left out Lady Gaga!

I got this picture from Google Images. First, Gaga pops out of a giant egg during her debut performance of her new single "Born This Way". She's wearing a very long skirt with a thigh-high slit, and she's showing a little mid-drift. All three of these elements are huge trends this season. Of course, Lady Gaga can't walk around with nothing on her head, so the yellow floppy hat completes the look. The super dark make-up balances out the very light clothes.

Expectedly, Gaga has a dress change when accepting her Grammy for the best pop vocal album, The Fame Monster. She has little horns in her forehead, (who knows how she made that happen!) and what else can I say? This look is truly something that only Lady Gaga can pull off. This picture is from The Hindu .

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fall 2011: Jason Wu

Jason Wu
I loved Jason's naturist spin on this collection. I loved the leaves on the dresses, it all looked so beautiful. Fishnets were a staple in all the outfits, which brought the whole collection together.

I love the structured skirts and the pattern on the top.
This red number is bold and stunning. The headpiece is amazing. I'm in love. ♥

Least Favorites:
As I said, I'm all for the nature spin on this, but these three pieces are going a bit too overboard with that.
In the pictures above and below, the models looked like giant walking fur-balls. Enough said.

I know those aren't actually caterpillars on her shirt, but they sure look like them! No one wants to wear something that looks covered in ugly, hairy caterpillars!
Jason Wu Fall 2011
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Fall 2011 Ready to Wear: BCBG MaxAzria and Christian Siriano

BCBG MaxAzria

I have to say, I wasn't too excited about this season's collection. I mean, I loved the long skirts + tall boots combo, and I was all for the minimal look. But after a while, the outfits just started looking.... the same.
Some of my favorites:

This outfit was refreshing after a long line of flowy skirts and super baggy tops. An example:

I'm lovin' it, but after 100 repeats, I almost fell asleep.
Want to see the full collection? BCBG MaxAzria Fall 2011

Christian Siriano

Don't worry, I'm not always a downer. This collection was awesome. It was my first time looking at a full collection of his, and I was impressed. He had an edgy (but feminine) spin to this collection, with his beautiful models decked out in black from head to toe. Highlights:

I loved the side draping on this one. The shoes added a tough edge to it.
Wow! This is different. Normally this skirt would look absolutely ridiculous, but Christian Siriano added the perfect elements to make it cool.
This dress cures my particularly icky relationship with huge embellishments. All of the details flow together in a way that's tough and chic at the same time.
This dress is perfect for any celebrity to rock on the red carpet! I also especially love these two dresses. They are what I think of when I think Christian Siriano. This represents the whole brand for me.

The picture on the top is the final result of the picture on the bottom. I love to see the original design of a dress, and then the finished masterpiece! In the bottom left corner of the bottom picture is Christian Siriano himself.
Well, those were my favorite dresses. I did have a few that I didn't like too much. Here they are:

I loved the top, and I loved the bottom, but he lost me at the middle. The frilly top and the tight bottom, not working.

I would've liked it if he hadn't added those huge frilly..... things.
For this last one... she looks like she's wearing patchwork Snuggies as a skirt, and was it really that hard to wear a bra?!
Christian Siriano Fall 2011
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Obsession

This beautiful dress I found on the blog Marian Kihogo  (THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE) It is a Marchesa knife-pleated metallic silk-organza, priced at £4220. I know this is a very unoriginal post, seeing as I have taken the topic of another blog's post, but the second I saw this dress I fell in love, and I knew I had to blog about it.
Also, the Grammy's are tonight! I'll blog my favorite looks on Tuesday. I am also highlighting some of the Fall 2011 looks from my favorite designers, like Alexander Wang and Jason Wu. Till then, I'll just keep staring at this AMAZING masterpiece...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As Promised...

There are times in my life when I get so desperately bored that I will do practically anything to relieve myself of this monotonous torture. This happened today, but I'm glad to say that I have found a new outlet for this constant aching desire to get up and do SOMETHING. The first, would be baking, which I wasted 1hour of my life on, making a vanilla frosting that was too sweet for anyone to eat. That is currently sitting on a table and it will stay there for who knows how long.
The second, is taking pictures for this newly created blog. I'm afraid to say that when taking pictures of the details on my cardigan and shoes, I may have gone a bit overboard, knowing that you probably don't care at all about the flower on my shoes.
But still, I did spend a good 10 minutes of my life taking these pictures, so I'm gonna put them up anyway. If you don't care, you can stop reading this right here.
Cardigan from Catch 22:
This is the entire back, I had to lay it out on the ground so you could see the entire thing (If you want to see what it looks like while I'm wearing it, check the post "Tops and Socks").

This last photo is the back of the neckline. It's sort of cinched in the middle and it has a very nice texture to it that works with the rest of the cardigan very nicely. Normally I would be skeptical of something like this, since it would probably be covered by a girl's hair anyway, but this cardigan is definitely an exception.
Shoes from Payless Shoesource:
Again, if you want to see how these shoes look when I'm wearing them, go the the post "Tops and Socks".