Sunday, March 6, 2011

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Before I start, I would like to note that I am blogging for the first time with my brand new HP laptop, and so far it's awesome! A good recommendation to those PC lovers out there.
Getting back to the Oscars, that was an awesome show Sunday night! All of the beautiful actresses were decked out in the most gorgeous gowns. Some of my favorites were Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Hailee Steinfeld. Before I start, I'd like to say that all of the red carpet dresses I have are from Here are the red-carpet looks I loved:
Natalie Portman was one of the most stunning ladies out there tonight, and I'm not alone in this decision. She's wearing a Rodarte dress, Tiffany's jewelry and Jimmy Choo shoes. Natalie's a pregnant girl, after all, and she chose the perfect dress to play down her big belly. I wouldn't have even known she was pregnant if I hadn't known better!
As Melissa Leo would say, her Marc Bauwer dress is so f**king awesome! The detailing is so amazing, I fell in love with it just because of that.
Penélope Cruz looked amazing in this Gucci dress. The details were bold and beautiful.
Hailee Steinfeld's Marchesa dress and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and clutch were jaw-dropping. Hailee certainly made an impression on her debut walk down the red-carpet.
Mila Kunis looked beautiful in her Elie Saab Couture dress in a modest shade of purple. The neckline and draping, however, were not so modest, giving the dress a perfect mix of sweet and sexy.
Halle Berry was wearing a Marchesa dress in a nude color which matched her complexion perfectly, and she felt comfortable in her own skin which gave the dress bonus points. I also loved the train.
Nicole Kidman was wearing Dior Haute Couture on this night, and she said that one of her favorite parts of the dress was the structure of it. That is definitely something we both agree on. All the details were in the perfect places, and the opening in the middle at the bottom gave the dress that extra "oomph".
Oh wow. I don't really think I should add this, but it's a funny story. If you're under the age of 10, stop reading!!
I didn't really know how to spell the word "oomph" because I've never really needed to write it before, so I decided to Google it. I originally thought it was spelled "umph" so that's what I Googled. Turns out, the word "umph" means when you're feeling horny and you really want to have sex, and when you're feeling sexually attracted to another person. I was about to describe a leg-showing dress that way. Awkward. Sorry Nicole!
Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier. I love the sparkles!
Am I the only one who will look at a person, and remember their face, and then take the time to re-wind three times just to see where I know them from? Even if I am, this just happened to me when I saw Hillary Swank, and every time I re-winded, I fell more in love with this Dior dress. Though a transition from a sparkling bodice to a feathery gown may be a bit tricky on some dresses, it wasn't for this one. The compact little clutch was the perfect accessory for this look.
And how could I forget Anne Hathaway? She changed her dress so many times, and she looked fabulous in each one. There's were just two that I didn't really like, so I won't put them up: the one that looked like a tux, when she was singing; and the shiny blue metallic off-the-shoulder one, she looked so tight and uncomfortable in it!
Anne's red carpet look, a vintage Valentino dress. She is posing with Valentino himself!
This is the dress shes started out with, and my favorite one. It just suited her so perfectly, I can't put it into words. In my opinion, she should have never changed out of it. This picture is from Sugar Slam.
I loved the color of this dress, because I don't think anyone else had worn it that night. It was young and fresh. And I didn't notice this before, but is James Franco texting or something? In the middle of hosting the Oscars? This picture is from Shopping Blog.
"There are two things that are great about hosting the Oscars. One, is being able to do this: *swishes dress around so the fringe will swing in the air*" - Anne Hathaway. I probably wouldn't have liked the dress as much if she hadn't done that. Anne can take anything and wear it well. Sorry the picture is so small, it's really bad quality otherwise. This picture was from Olsen Twins NEWS + Friends.
Did I get every one of Anne's outfits? I think I did. Then again, it's 10PM and I'm tired. I'll edit the post if I missed anything. For now, I hope you enjoyed the 83rd Annual Academy Awards as much as I did.

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