Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fall 2011: Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia
This was a playful, fun collection. It was one of the first collections I decided to review because I loved last season's collection so much. I wasn't disappointed. I didn't have any close-up pictures, but I also loved the shoes in this collection. They were simple and elegant, unlike most of the shoes which are crazy and over-the-top this season.
This one reminded me of something Taylor Swift would wear at a concert. The model even looks like Taylor Swift!

A patchwork skirt, fringe top, and a long cardigan. All completely random, but the designer found a way to make them tie together effortlessly.

This one was so different from the rest, with the huge flowers, knee-high socks, and that cardigan. But like the earlier outfit, the designer was able to make them tie together.
What can I say? It's beautifully elegant.
The little sparkles on this dress are small embellishments on this dress. The effortlessness of the this piece is what I fell in love with.
The draping and design on this dress makes it look beautiful and sophisticated. The shoes add to the overall effect.

Least Favorites:
The colors clash, and the polka dots make the clothes look clowny.
I would like it, if instead of the pants there was a short skirt. Those pants just look awkward.
Alice + Olivia Fall 2011

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