Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tops and Socks

I have a few pictures now. At first I tried to take pictures of what I normally where in my everyday life, but then I decided that it was too boring and predictable for a fashion blog. So out of sheer boredom I just took the top I was wearing today and took pictures of my favorite parts:
This is the design of the shirt. As you can see, it's a symmetrical floral pattern (sorry for stating the obvious, just in case someone couldn't figure it out). I love the colors on this top, it goes great with dark-washed blue jeans.
Please excuse my pants in these two photos, I know they don't match the top at all, I was just in the middle of changing clothes....
I love wearing this white cami underneath this shirt. It is a very basic color that balances out all the other eccentric colors and designs. This top is from dELiA*s and the cami is from Maxrave.
And of course, how could i forget my favorite rainbow ski socks?!
I actually don't know where I got these from.... I just HAD to get striped rainbow socks, they were too cute to just leave sitting on that rack! And perfect timing, too, because a little birdie told me (naah it was the latest issue of Teen Vogue, which I'm obsessed with): stripes are in this season! I'll be stocking up on all sorts in the next few weeks :)
I almost forgot to mention, when I first started taking my pictures, I had wanted to dress up for the blog. I kept one super crazy outfit. My head is cropped out because the flash was too bright and I was making a strange face. You know, the one with one huge eye and one small eye? o.O
Hooray for strange poses! As you can see, I'm wearing my awesome socks... Maybe I'm a little too obsessed? Okay so let's start: The cardigan is from Catch 22... maybe I'll put up some more pictures of the design it's pretty elaborate on the back actually.... The top is from Abercrombie. Skirt, dELiA*s, and brown wedges are from Payless Shoesource. That gold dot on the shoe? That's actually the center of a flower... might need to add another picture of that as well.
P.S. That Chinese symbol behind me means "Beauty"... just in case any one wanted to know....

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