Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fall 2011: Jason Wu

Jason Wu
I loved Jason's naturist spin on this collection. I loved the leaves on the dresses, it all looked so beautiful. Fishnets were a staple in all the outfits, which brought the whole collection together.

I love the structured skirts and the pattern on the top.
This red number is bold and stunning. The headpiece is amazing. I'm in love. ♥

Least Favorites:
As I said, I'm all for the nature spin on this, but these three pieces are going a bit too overboard with that.
In the pictures above and below, the models looked like giant walking fur-balls. Enough said.

I know those aren't actually caterpillars on her shirt, but they sure look like them! No one wants to wear something that looks covered in ugly, hairy caterpillars!
Jason Wu Fall 2011
All pictures are from Style.com

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