Wednesday, February 16, 2011

53rd Annual Grammys

Wow! What a night! And although I am 3 days late in writing this, I still have a LOT to talk about.
One trend I noticed among those beautiful, talented ladies are that they were all rocking a sparkly look. Even the Muppets and long silver sparkling dresses when they were on stage with Cee-Lo. Speaking of, his entire performance Sunday night was.... very different (not in a bad way!), including his choice of attire.

This picture is from Access Hollywood . Cee-Lo took that stage confidently, even in this huge muscly-bird suit. He wore it well, normally someone would be so shy about wearing something so exotic, but not him. I love how he rocked this costume.
Unfortunately, I didn't love everyone's costumes at the Grammys. Although I'm a complete Parawhore, Hayley Williams' look made me cringe, to be perfectly honest.

This picture is from Google Images . Even though I love the color combo hot pink and black, The bright red hair and red lipstick did not tie in with this look at all. I admire Hayley's quirky and fun style, but the bright pink tutu was a little too 6-year-old for me. Also, the design of the top of the dress makes her look completely flat-chested, which just adds to the 6-year-old element of the whole thing. On the upside, the black leggings with the cross was a sexy touch, as were the black pumps.
The House That Built Me. An amazing song that goes perfectly with Miranda Lambert's amazing style.
Again, this picture is from Google Images. What can I say about this dress? I love everything about it! It suited her very well, and it was perfect for the song she was singing. I loved the shoes she was wearing this day too, but I couldn't find a picture that included them... Oh well. They were really pretty silver high heels.

After Christina Aguilera's now infamous mistake while singing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Superbowl, she rocked the Grammys with the opening performance. Still going with the sparkly trend, she wore a beautiful black and silver dress. The picture is from Latina .

Rihanna looked amazing in this black floral dress fresh off the runway. It is from Christian Dior's Fall 2010 Couture collection. And of course, it perfectly matched the song she was performing: "Love The Way You Lie". The picture is from Fashion Is On .
And of course, as long as we're talking about fashion and celebrities, I would be just plain stupid if I left out Lady Gaga!

I got this picture from Google Images. First, Gaga pops out of a giant egg during her debut performance of her new single "Born This Way". She's wearing a very long skirt with a thigh-high slit, and she's showing a little mid-drift. All three of these elements are huge trends this season. Of course, Lady Gaga can't walk around with nothing on her head, so the yellow floppy hat completes the look. The super dark make-up balances out the very light clothes.

Expectedly, Gaga has a dress change when accepting her Grammy for the best pop vocal album, The Fame Monster. She has little horns in her forehead, (who knows how she made that happen!) and what else can I say? This look is truly something that only Lady Gaga can pull off. This picture is from The Hindu .

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