Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As Promised...

There are times in my life when I get so desperately bored that I will do practically anything to relieve myself of this monotonous torture. This happened today, but I'm glad to say that I have found a new outlet for this constant aching desire to get up and do SOMETHING. The first, would be baking, which I wasted 1hour of my life on, making a vanilla frosting that was too sweet for anyone to eat. That is currently sitting on a table and it will stay there for who knows how long.
The second, is taking pictures for this newly created blog. I'm afraid to say that when taking pictures of the details on my cardigan and shoes, I may have gone a bit overboard, knowing that you probably don't care at all about the flower on my shoes.
But still, I did spend a good 10 minutes of my life taking these pictures, so I'm gonna put them up anyway. If you don't care, you can stop reading this right here.
Cardigan from Catch 22:
This is the entire back, I had to lay it out on the ground so you could see the entire thing (If you want to see what it looks like while I'm wearing it, check the post "Tops and Socks").

This last photo is the back of the neckline. It's sort of cinched in the middle and it has a very nice texture to it that works with the rest of the cardigan very nicely. Normally I would be skeptical of something like this, since it would probably be covered by a girl's hair anyway, but this cardigan is definitely an exception.
Shoes from Payless Shoesource:
Again, if you want to see how these shoes look when I'm wearing them, go the the post "Tops and Socks".

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