Sunday, August 21, 2011

My "Blogger Tool Kit".... I guess.

So this is the second project from IFB that I've participated in, and honestly, I don't really see how it's that different from last week's project, "What's in your bag". This wasn't something I had really thought about before, so I don't know if it's completely accurate. I just threw some stuff together that I thought helped me with my blogging a lot, and I guess I could call it my blogger's tool kit?

Of course, what blogger could go without a laptop? I save all my pictures on here and I, well, blog from this laptop. It's an HP-something, I don't really know, because my dad got it for me. I tend to go for PC's rather than Mac's.

I also use this white iPad 2 for the "notes" app. It's portable and easy to use, so when I'm watching an awards show I can quickly jot down the names of people I liked, and find the pictures on the web later. My laptop is pretty big so it's annoying carrying it around the house and it's a lot easier typing all this out on the iPad rather than my cell phone (but I might end up switching). I don't do any actual blogging on the iPad because it's not only mine, it's a shared iPad between everyone in my family. No one I know personally- family, friends, etc.- knows I am a blogger. I try to keep it pretty secret and not let anything lead back to me. So using a shared iPad would be a hassle.

As I said before, I'm an admitted textaholic. I really don't know what I would do without my phone. I'm thinking of getting a new one by the end of the month, though, because I've had my current enV3 for about 2 years now.

Oh my god, I am obsessed! Teen Vogue is what opened my eyes to the world of fashion and I can't get enough of it. Fashion magazines help you keep up to date with just about anything to do with fashion- the hottest trends, the latest up and coming people in the industry, and even what celebrities are wearing! It's always good for a blogger to read fashion magazines, whether it's Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar, or anything else!


  1. Great tool kit!!! I am obsessed with all the fashion magazines I can possibly find here:)))


  2. Nice tool kit! I had to think about mine as well, it's not always something that you think about all the time

  3. This is a nice tool kit...I should check out IFB's challenges more frequently!

  4. i really LOVE your blog!!
    now following :)


  5. Lovely tool kit, think maybe add an iphone.



  6. Like this post! Wish I had an ipad!- Jessica


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