Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hey guys! So, to explain my absence for the past 13 or so days: I'm sure you guys all know about Hurricane Irene and the insane number of power outages that occurred. And, (you guessed it!), I was one of them. Almost a week with no technology whatsoever! I can't fathom how people survived.
But you guys better get used to these long absences because school is starting for me next week, and that means pile on the work. I definitely won't have much time to blog, so I'll probably only be posting once or twice a week. I might just stick to IFB projects because those are every week and I have the weekend to blog. So that was just a heads up.
Speaking of school, I decided to use my Amish-time to practice my essay writing. This year I'll be doing all kinds of new essays and I wanted to be able to grasp the structure of it, so I used an easy topic that I knew a lot about: fashion! And since this is a fashion blog (obviously), I thought I'd share it with you. My task? Compare and contrast fashion in print and fashion online. Hopefully I won't bore you guys to death with an essay, but here it is!

     Fashion in print and fashion online have been a good source to readers for many years. While fashion magazines and fashion websites both help you keep updated in the world fashion, there are many differences when it comes to speed and who's ideas you are listening to.
     Fashion magazines and fashion sites/blogs both keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the fashion industry. Fashion magazines help sustain your knowledge of the fashion industry by giving you monthly updates. You will get reports from big names in the fashion industry such as Keegan Singh and Alexa Chung. Fashion magazines feature interviews with designers, photographers, and stylists for all the hottest trends and updates. Fashion sites keep you refreshed on the latest in the industry. Sites like spot trends and have readily available picture of runway shows and red carpet looks. They also have videos of interviews, and backstage looks at runway shows. Fashion lovers around the world need a way to stay in touch with the fashion industry. Fashion magazines and websites have acted upon this need by giving regular updates in order to gain readers.
     Fashion magazines are much slower than fashion sites. Fashion magazines take a long time to arrive in your mailbox. It takes a very long time for anything to arrive via mail, hence the term "snail mail." In fact, a magazine could easily get lost in the mail, causing it to come even later. Online, you can receive news much faster. With the click of a button, you can instantly find exactly what you are looking for. With thousands of options of search engines, it takes a very short time to get the information you want. With the invention of the Internet, fashion online can be accessed in seconds.
     Fashion magazines show the thoughts and opinions of big names in the industry, such as Amy Astley and Chanel Iman, whereas fashion blogs show the thoughts of regular everyday people. Fashion magazines give you ideas from experts in the business. There are many people working at a fashion magazine, and some become famous for their amazing expertise, such as Anna Wintour and Eva Chen. Before an issue gets published, all the stores must be put through many vigorous editing processes to make sure it is perfect. Fashion blogs are a way for ordinary people to share their ideas on fashion. Anyone can start a blog, because it's free and easy. Blog posts don't go through so many editing processes like magazines do because it's more laid back. Many people want to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry  but not everyone can land a job at a fashion magazine. Starting a blog will help them be heard, and they'll share their opinions with the world.
     While fashion magazines and fashion websites both help you keep updated in the world of fashion, there are many differences when it comes to speed and who's ideas you are listening to. They both keep you in touch with the industry. Fashion online is much quicker than fashion in print. Fashion blogs are a way for ordinary people to express themselves, whereas you have to be a big name in the fashion world to be able be heard in a fashion magazine.

So that was my essay. I hope you liked it! Tell me; what are your thoughts on this topic? And also if you have any pointers to make my essay-writing better, they would be much appreciated!

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  1. great points! I am forever debating this topic too! I think magazines will need to have an online source too (if they don't already), to ensure their audience stay interested!


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