Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fall 2011: Prada

Before I start, I would like to address a few things. For one, I just want to say how sorry I am for neglecting my blog for so long. Fashion Week ended over a month ago, and I'm still way behind on reviews. This is the last one for Fall 2011, though, so from now on I'll be super organized. Also, I will be doing a review of the outfits from Nickolodeon's Kid's Choice Awards (a short one!) but I won't be doing a review of the CMA's. I hate not reviewing it since the CMA's are so big, but I can't for a few different reasons. But I have a lot of posts coming your way, so keep reading! God, I sound like the host of a TV show. "More will be coming after this short break, so stay tuned!"

I understand what was trying to be accomplished with this line. "Innocent girls wearing not-so-innocent clothes." But there was so much I didn't like about this collection I can't even put them all up. You could either call it creative or tacky. I'll go with tacky. Sorry, but this was a huge let-down.
For me, these clothes are what truly helped accomplish the designer's goal.

In this look, the fur stole is what makes the outfit. It looks sophisticated and professional.
I love this one because the hate and glasses made it look like the girl was seeking adventure, and rebelling against the cute little black frocks.
We all know that Mary Janes are the ultimate symbol of innocence, and that animal print is the universal sign of wild child. These boots, which are worn in almost every single outfit, complete the collection. The illusion of snakeskin socks worn with Mary Janes is the perfect token of a rebellion.

This is the same thing, except the Mary Janes are snakeskin.

Least Favorites:
As I said before, there are many looks I did not like. One in particular, with the model strutting down the runway covered completely in giant sequins looking like some weird mutant fish-thing. Everyone said they were amazing and creative, but I thought they were just disgusting to look at. There were so many of them, so I'm going to put up a few examples of what I'm talking about.

There were also a few other hideous looks that came down the runway:

Prada Fall 2011
I'm sorry. I hate to end the season on such a bad note. But Prada was a complete let-down and I hate to say it. Hopefully I can be a little more optimistic about it next season.

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