Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fall 2011: Michael Kors

Michael Kors
You know that feeling, when you walk into your favorite store in the world and you just feel like buying everything in sight? But you can't, because you know that wouldn't be very sensible of you, so you stick to just a few. This season in Michael Kors, the same thing happened to me. I loved so much that I might have to cut down the amount of pictures I will post here, so I don't bore you to tears. Either that, or I just might cut down the size of the pictures. We'll see. This was the only collection I reviewed this season with male models in it. I didn't focus on those at all, though, since I'm not that interested in men's fashion. However, for the ladies, I did love the subdued (mostly neutral) tones here. Many looks reminded me of sari pants, inspired by India. I first thought of Balenciaga's sari pants from Fall 2009, but when I looked it up on Google Images for a refresher I realized that it wasn't even close... either way, I wouldn't be surprised if this style was inspired by India. Draping also played a huge role in these pieces.
The first three outfits are the ones that most remind me of sari pants, especially the third. 

The draping in this is so precise and perfect, and I love the way it wraps around the models legs.
The thigh-high slit is different from everything else in the collection, and I couldn't resist; I had to put it in!
I could see someone walking around the streets of London or New York wearing something like this, it would be perfect for those almost-chilly days in the midst of fall.
A few bold reds stood out in a row and after 40-something neutrals, it was a great refresher.

Least Favorites:
This one is way too red... but I think I would've probably liked it if they lost the cardigan. Or jacket. Whatever you want to call it.
That bag makes my skin crawl.... and the laid-back sweater with the fancy silk pants? No way.
It's not that bad, really. More like a last-minute addition. I just don't like the way the crocodile skin looks. It's too uptight.
Michael Kors Fall 2011

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