Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spelling Lessons with Michael Kors

It's that feeling you get, when your bra is out in the open and no one ever told you about it. Well, more like when you're a kid and you have chocolate surrounding your mouth from that candy bar you ate and you only see when you look in the mirror. I can't believe I've made a mistake as huge as this. All this time, I've been spelling it Micheal Kors, when the real spelling was actually Michael Kors! Not a small typo or a slip of the finger, but I've been spelling a top designer's name wrong for the past three months (more like my whole life). I felt like this kind of needed it's own post since I've made this same mistake a countless number of times. Sorry for this huge mistake, I was wondering why so many people were looking at my Michael Kors review, they were probably just looking at this huge mistake.

*EDIT: This post has been sitting here since April and I just found it now. Anyway, I'm so sorry for the mix up and I'm currently working on another piece. Good stuff coming your way!*

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